… on contact information

My email address is “six by mistake” without the spaces between the words, at the email service provided by Google, Gmail (which is awesome – and I have plenty of invites… even though the service has now been open to the public).

I was asked recently if I have an AIM/Yahoo!/Google Talk/whatever-instant-messenger account. I do. I never use it, so it’s by far the worst way to communicate with me.

aim: sixbymistake
yahoo: sixbymistake
google chat: my email address

I try my best to respond to every email that I get, but thanks to the wonders of spam filtering, I may miss an email here or there. If I do, I apologize in advance. So if you want my attention, send me an email and please be patient. I love words. I love creative words. I love stories, comments, rants, feedback, links, everything.


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